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This for That: A Guide to Cooking and Baking Substitutions [Infographic]

This for That: A Guide to Cooking and Baking Substitutions infographic

You’re cooking dinner and suddenly you realize you forgot an ingredient at the store! No worries, the This for That: A guide to Cooling and Baking Solutions infographic from can help avoid the crisis by giving you easy solutions for the common missing ingredient.

Need an egg and your neighbor isn’t home? Check our guide to baking substitutions to see what else will do!

A fantastic topic for an infographic, and can be used as a handy guide.  The Online Lifespan of this topic should also last for years!  As a suggestion, knowing that people might want to keep a printout of this design in their kitchens, a PDF version would be a nice addition.

The ingredient illustration colors blend into the background too easily. The words are easy to read but the pictures are harder to see. The infographic is also missing it’s own url at the bottom of the graphic.

The infographic is well organized as well as balances graphics with words evenly.

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Benefits Of Turmeric [Infographic]

In India, you can’t think about a curry without turmeric in it. Turmeric is packed with loads of benefits. Keep reading and start using Turmeric.

Infographic Benefits Of Turmeric Infographic Benefits Of Turmeric


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