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8 Tweets That Generate Engagement [Infographic]


How to you get more engagement on Twitter?


Start by sharing better content – make sure you credit the author and use an appropriate hashtag. Offer help or solutions to problems, and ask questions of your followers.


Share tips and advice, and people love to hear about the latest facts and statistics. Don’t be afraid to endorse others, and everybody can use a little inspiration.



8 Tweets That Generate Engagement [INFOGRAPHIC]





























This visual from The Media Octopus proposes 8 tweet structures to generate engagement. Hope this will be helpful. Please share your thoughts.


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12 Reasons Your Business Needs to Get Visual

The shift to the visual is evident everywhere we look, in all media — the infographic below explains why. A good, strong visual married to a good concept — with the right strategy and the right words — wins every time, especially in today’s busy, noisy media world.

  • One thing is clear: visuals and all that traditional creative expertise brings to the table has never been more important for capturing eyeballs, expanding brand influence, and getting people to act.
  • The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text.
  • Visuals satisfy our short attention spans and distracted lives.
  • Visuals tap into our primitive selves, inspiring powerful emotions.

Visuals are important, as it plays major role. This infographic from re:DESIGN attempts to summarize the reasons why in 12 Reasons Your Business Needs to Get Visual. So, use visuals and start growing your business.

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